Reliable software engineering

At DashCare, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering reliable, usable and maintainable products, within reasonable timeframes and costs. Our experience ranges from projects involving healthcare financing for governments, to network infrastructure routing and automation. In particular, we are experts in development using Python and Django.

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Built to last, extend & adapt

No software project is static. Whether it's new insights that rise during a project, or changes in your workflow or company years down the road, from the first step we design our products to be maintainable for the future, and adaptable and extendable for new ideas. This also includes delivering thorough documentation.

Reliability and quality

We understand how easy it is to introduce software bugs. Therefore we use rigorous automated testing, that verify each feature works as designed and continues to do so, even years down the line. Our CI system automatically runs all tests and quality checks for all changes, only allowing us to deploy to production after we've had a green light.

Security and privacy

Risk awareness in security and privacy, both technical and legal, is always on the forefront of our designs. We continously review where new security risks may arise. Security checks in our software are rigorously tested, and defense in depth and thourough risk analysis mean that even if a measure fails, the impact remains limited.

Experience and expertise

The DashCare team has extensive experience in developing complex solutions. Sasha Romijn has been deeply involved with contributing to the major open source Django web framework for years. Bram Heerink has over a decade of experience in managing development projects.

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